Contest at the PHDays venue

What better way to wrap up the PHDays contests than with 2drunk2hack? Everyone of drinking age is invited to take part. The contest will test one's ability to hack web applications behind a web application firewall—as well as keep a sober mind in any situation.


The participants should perform a successful attack against a web application defended by a WAF. The application contains a finite number of vulnerabilities, sequential exploitation of which allows executing operating system commands, among other things. The contest total time is limited to 30 minutes. Every 5 minutes, the participants whose actions have been flagged the most by the WAF will have to drink 50 ml of hard alcohol and keep hacking. Whoever is first to get the main flag during the server command stage, wins the contest. If no one gets it, the winner will be the participant who collected the most flags during the other stages of vulnerability exploitation.


Show up after the end of The Standoff. Sign a liability waiver indicating that you will not hold the organizers responsible for what happens during the next 30 minutes.


Mementos from the organizers.

Technical requirements

Bring all your own software and hardware. A wired network connection will be provided.