Competitive Intelligence
Online contest

Every year, the Competitive Intelligence contest demonstrates how easy it is to find information on any person online using open-source intelligence (OSINT). The contest offers a way to get hands-on experience with new ways of searching for information, figuring out how to analyze large amounts of data, and spotting application vulnerabilities.

The contest will be held online on May 18. The winners will receive their prizes during the PHDays awards ceremony.


The contest page will contain questions about a certain organization; the relevant information can be found online. The goal is to find as many right answers to these questions as possible in the minimum amount of time. Results will be announced right after contest completion.


The contest will be available on Telegram (@phdayscibot) on May 18, 2019, from 9:00 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. Contest discussion group:

Technical requirements

Participants themselves choose which software to use. An Internet connection is required.


First prize is a pair of Apple AirPods, and year's subscription to Hacker magazine, the contest sponsor

Second prize is an ALFA Network AWUS036NH Wi-Fi adapter and a six-month subscription to Hacker

Third prize is a Xiaomi ZMI QB810 power bank and a three-month subscription to Hacker