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Online contest

Contestants are welcome to try their hand in a forensics competition.

Much Money is a small and well-regarded company on the forex market. Recently their CEO started thinking hard about cybersecurity. He always followed the latest news, and of course he had heard about all the massive thefts of data and funds. After attending PHDays, the CEO had resolved to do something: there was not a single person on staff responsible for security.

So the company hired Jaxson Hunt (@jaxhunt_bot), its first and only security pro. Jaxson had always dreamed of catching hackers and wanted a chance to prove himself, though he lacked experience. And the chance soon presented itself.

Here's what Jaxson said about it: "The CEO woke me up at night and said there were hackers on our network.
After he read the news, and especially after the last PHDays, he got obsessed with hackers. And I was just a fresh face at the company! Why did I ever get involved with Much Money in the first place? Some traders they are... Now I'll have to try to remember what they taught us in our incident investigation classes. We only have a few servers, what could happen, anyway? Maybe the community will help me investigate? I should get a Telegram account, that's the place to find the real experts. Hopefully I can get the situation sorted out before PHDays, since the boss wanted to send me there this year."


The contest will be held online on Telegram from April 22 through May 15. All participants are welcome. The first person to figure out what exactly happened and who's behind it all will be the winner.

The winner will receive mementos from the organizers.