Hack Battle by SPbCTF
Contest at the PHDays venue

Hack Battle is a traditional PHDays contest where participants compete to become the fastest hacker. Adrenaline junkies fight a one-on-one battle at the main stage. In the course of 15 minutes they need to solve a CTF-style task showing their displays to the spectators, while the commentators explain what the contestants are doing. Every round has only one winner who was the first to complete the task. Tasks are different for every round and are not reused.

This year Hack Battle takes the form of a knockout tournament. A contestant must win five battles to become the winner. Time given for each task is 10–15 minutes.

The battlers can also earn tricks, helpful or not, which they can throw at their opponents.

For participants

The battle is open for everyone. To reserve a slot, register at hackbattle.spbctf.ru before 5 p.m. (Moscow time) of May 17. To be able to participate, you must have a Telergam account with an @username.

If there are more than 108 potential contestants, on May 18 at 6 p.m. we will hold an elimination round at hackbattle.spbctf.ru. Contestants will have an hour to solve five tasks of average difficulty. We will pick 108 people who were the best in the elimination round. Others will be placed on a waiting list, they can participate if somebody misses his or her turn. Before the start of the forum, we will break contestants into groups of three and will provide details of the format.

Types of tasks in the battles: Web, Reverse, Forensics & Stegano, Pwn, Coding, Crypto.

For spectators

Hack Battle area will be open throughout the two days of the forum. A new round with a new task and three new participants starts every 10 or 15 minutes. Moderators comment the battles and contestants' actions. Every contestant has a unique style, unique approach to the tasks and a favorite set of tools.

Spectators who did not register as participants may still solve task along with the battlers, and if one of the contestants misses his or her turn, spectators get the chance to participate in the next round.


First prize is a backpack, LimeSDR, 4G router, Xiaomi power bank, and an invite for the next PHDays

Second prize is a backpack, Xiaomi screwdriver, and an invite for the next PHDays

Third prize is a backpack, smart notepad, and an invite for the next PHDays