Network Village
Contest at the PHDays venue

Over the course of two days, security experts from Positive Technologies and the DC7831 and DC20e6 communities will speak at Network Village about network fuzzing, SSL pinning, MITM attacks, and attacks on web applications and USB devices. Participants will learn about attack types and vectors, putting this new knowledge to use in the E&E Exploit Express contest. Their task is to go through several vulnerable services and collect flags.

The participant who gets all the flags first, wins. Services will be available through a Wi-Fi router.


The contest is open to anyone interested in networks, regardless of knowledge level.

The contest will end at 2:30 p.m. on May 22.

Technical requirements

Participants will need a laptop (with Kali Linux, for instance).


First prize is a Proxmark3 RDV2

Second prize is a WiFi Pineapple NANO

Third prize is a Shodan account