Sergei Volokitin
Security Analyst, Riscure

About speaker

Security analyst at Riscure in the Netherlands where his work is mostly focused on security evaluation of embedded systems and security testing of smart card platforms and TEE based solutions and secure devices. He has a number of publications on smart card attacks and conference presentations on hardware security.

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History of participation at PHDays

PHDays 8
Language: Russian
Security of hardware wallets
Speaker: Sergei Volokitin

Due to the booming development of cryptocurrencies, the need of secure user devices to store private keys and perform cryptotransactions emerged, which resulted in a number of different designs and implementations of hardware wallets. The speaker will discuss the security of architecture of different hardware wallets based on smart cards, MCUs, and secure elements. The speaker will also talk on attacks on such devices and countermeasures needed to be implemented in hardware and software in order to secure hardware wallets.

Language: English
Java Card platform attacks based on malicious applets
Speaker: Sergei Volokitin

The presentation introduces attacks on the secured containers of a Java-based smart card, which allows an attacker to steal cryptographic keys and PINs of the other applets installed on the card.